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Farm life

Who wants an intro to a day in the life of a farm Momma? On a typical day, I wake up feed my boys & drive them to school. (25 minutes away.) I babysit a 3 year old also so, he tags along on my adventures. 

 I come home & eat breakfast with little man. Next, we bottle feed Miss Priss at the barn. 

We go back to my house & little man plays/does art while I do house stuff. You know, laundry, dishes, planting seeds, cutting coupons…..SAHM (stay at home mom) stuff. We go to the big farm about 6 miles up the road to feed the weaned bottle calves, bulls, cows, & a pig. After putting out hay & feed, it’s time to make lunch & little man’s nap. He sleeps, & I continue feeding things at my house. Chickens, hunting dogs, lazy dogs, horses, & chickens. 

After nap, he has a snack while I finish laundry or whatever. We play & go pick up my boys down the road at the bus stop. Chaos takes over with 3 boys around! Lol. My boys are 14 & 6. They play, wrestle, & do boys things with while I try to keep them out of trouble & start supper. Little man gets picked up, hubby & boys run in & out working on things until supper. We eat, watch tv, wrestle more, baths for boys, feed bottle calf at 9 then, get boys ready for bed. So, there you have it. This is just a normal day. Throw in an animal getting out or pulling a calf occasionally! You know, just the usual day in a family! God bless you all. ~A

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