Monthly Archives: September 2016

New rides. 


My husband & I celebrated our 17th Anniversary on September 1st! We’ve always bought him a truck or me a truck/suv when we car shopped. This was our first time to share “joint custody” on a vehicle. Lol. I’m serious! This white farm truck was bought as a shared rig. You see, my husband’s truck has been put in the shop twice in the last month, & he keeps borrowing MY truck. I have an old suv but, the air doesn’t blow like I’d like in the summer time. We sold our farm truck about a year ago & hadn’t replaced it. With his in the shop, & mine being too small to pull a stock trailer….the time had come. So….meet our first joint custody farm truck. I don’t need diamonds, just buy me a duramax diesel! lol. (I’m hoping we don’t end up in court for custody battles! Haha!)

We also picked up a new ride for our oldest to try out. Meet Cat, a beautiful red roan horse. Here is Cody trying him out by chasing poor Jenny. He’s loving his new ride too! 😀 

Many blessings,