Small town girl 

Is there anyone else out there who gets nervous when you go to bigger cities or crowded places?! Maybe it’s just me because, I’m an introvert. I live in a very small town, less than 500 people. I grew up mostly in a town of less than 2,000 people. 

When we go to the store a couple miles from our home, they know us by name. We have a favorite restaurant in a nearby town that explains small town living the best. When we walk in & are seated, our waiter comes to the table & lists what we get to drink. Yes, he lists what we want, he doesn’t ask! He knows what we drink but, always asks us to make sure we haven’t changed our minds. Lol. When I order he says: do you want the potato with chicken or the polo tapatio? Get this, he does this with my whole family! My husband, my boys, & my parents! 

Growing up in our little community, people would see me & ask: “Aren’t  you that Preacher’s daughter?” Me: yes, that’s me. Their response: “I love hearing him preach! He’s loud !” Lol. My dad is a Church Of God pastor & isn’t always calm. When I go to bigger places, I find myself pulling my purse a little tighter & staying closer to my family. I’m just not as relaxed in the fast paced environment. 

So, some may love the noisy, busy city. I’ll stick to my roots, listening to whiperwills & cows mooing. I am blessed to enjoy my little farm ,& it’s peacefulness. 

God bless, 


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