If you’d told me when I married, I would be doctoring a huge horse alone, I would’ve told you you were crazy! But here I am almost 17 years later, doctoring our big paint horse, Spot. Spot was injured in a freak accident a couple weeks ago at a rodeo. The way he was cut, it couldn’t be sewed up. 

My husband works away during the week so, I manage our home, boys, & animals while he’s working. I am now having to doctor a HUGE (16 hands tall & 1200 pounds) but, thankfully gentle horse. I have to spray the wound, apply some slimy medicine, & then pack the wound. I’m thankful that he’s so cooperative! I have to admit, if someone was spraying my wound with a water hose…..I’d be pitching a fit! Lol. 

Have a blessed Wednesday. Remember, God loves you. ~A. 

5 thoughts on “Horse

  1. bigbelieverdreamachiever

    Thanks for commenting on my blog as well! I’m glad I found yours. I am new to blogging and plan to blog about a wide range of things. We have a small farm too down here in Florida. We have many chickens, cows and a couple horses too. We are building a goat pen right now and the rain has been terrible, our property is covered in puddles. I’ve been there before packing horse wounds. Never fun, praying he heals quickly ❤️

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