Rainy Day

It’s a lazy afternoon on our little farm. There are puddles everywhere & our driveway seems to be trying to run away to the road. Praise God we aren’t in a drought at least. Lol. 

I hope you are all having a blessed Sunday. We went to Church this morning & ate lunch before getting into our pjs. Other than clipping a few coupons, I’ve accomplished very little today. Before Church this evening, I’ll need to go check on my chickens & feed my calves & dogs. Procrastination is my middle name. Who wants to go out in a monsoon though? Lol 

 We have 2 boys, ages 13 & 6. Tomorrow is a day that I dread.  Our youngest son, Blake, begins kindergarten tomorrow, & our oldest, Cody, starts the 8th grade. It’s a good thing our oldest isn’t starting High School until next year. I’d probably stroke out. Lol. I’m hoping Blake loves it & isn’t kicked out for fighting! Haha! He’s a leader & very feisty. I’m praying blessings over my boys, teachers, staff, bus drivers, & children everywhere. May God protect them all from harm & help them follow Jesus with every step. 

God Bless, A. 


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