Monthly Archives: August 2016

Hello, Monday! 

My family loves our weekends! We enjoy spending time together, catching up on farm chores, & going to Church on Sunday’s. But…..unfortunately all fun must come to an end. Monday always pops it’s ugly head up, whether we are ready or not! 
   I went out to feed this morning, & poor Slim Jim got his head stuck in a bucket. Have you ever had a Monday like this? I have! Everything seems to drag on forever, you’re tired & ready to just go home!

 I got to thinking this morning though, God blesses me EVERY day. Even on Mondays! We have jobs, a home, vehicles to drive, plenty of food to eat, nice clothes to wear, sweet boys, our farm, &  a wonderful Church to name a few. I’m going to enjoy my Monday counting my blessings. I hope you will too. 

Blessed by the Best, 


Small town girl 

Is there anyone else out there who gets nervous when you go to bigger cities or crowded places?! Maybe it’s just me because, I’m an introvert. I live in a very small town, less than 500 people. I grew up mostly in a town of less than 2,000 people. 

When we go to the store a couple miles from our home, they know us by name. We have a favorite restaurant in a nearby town that explains small town living the best. When we walk in & are seated, our waiter comes to the table & lists what we get to drink. Yes, he lists what we want, he doesn’t ask! He knows what we drink but, always asks us to make sure we haven’t changed our minds. Lol. When I order he says: do you want the potato with chicken or the polo tapatio? Get this, he does this with my whole family! My husband, my boys, & my parents! 

Growing up in our little community, people would see me & ask: “Aren’t  you that Preacher’s daughter?” Me: yes, that’s me. Their response: “I love hearing him preach! He’s loud !” Lol. My dad is a Church Of God pastor & isn’t always calm. When I go to bigger places, I find myself pulling my purse a little tighter & staying closer to my family. I’m just not as relaxed in the fast paced environment. 

So, some may love the noisy, busy city. I’ll stick to my roots, listening to whiperwills & cows mooing. I am blessed to enjoy my little farm ,& it’s peacefulness. 

God bless, 



If you’d told me when I married, I would be doctoring a huge horse alone, I would’ve told you you were crazy! But here I am almost 17 years later, doctoring our big paint horse, Spot. Spot was injured in a freak accident a couple weeks ago at a rodeo. The way he was cut, it couldn’t be sewed up. 

My husband works away during the week so, I manage our home, boys, & animals while he’s working. I am now having to doctor a HUGE (16 hands tall & 1200 pounds) but, thankfully gentle horse. I have to spray the wound, apply some slimy medicine, & then pack the wound. I’m thankful that he’s so cooperative! I have to admit, if someone was spraying my wound with a water hose…..I’d be pitching a fit! Lol. 

Have a blessed Wednesday. Remember, God loves you. ~A. 

1st day of school.

Well, I did it! I survived our first morning drop off with our kindergartener. Lol. He was all smiles this morning. Thank you, Jesus! (A miracle considering, he’s been like a bear with a sore paw all weekend!) He walked in like a big boy, put up his backpack, & sat down to play with blocks at his table. I’m praying he loves school & makes friends easily. If my babies are happy, Momma is happy. My oldest, an 8th grader this year, chose to ride the bus. He was convinced that I’d make him late taking his brother. (A possibility since, thanks to School consolidations, we live 30 minutes from their school.)

After drop off, I headed home to start feeding my farm animals in the dreary rain. My puppies were excited to see me & jumped up with muddy paws on my pants, the calves bumped me with their wet hides, & my boots sank in the mud. Overall, I think it’s been a good morning. I’m counting my blessings, going to finish my chores, & keep an eye on the clock until pick up time. I hope you all have a blessed day.


Rainy Day

It’s a lazy afternoon on our little farm. There are puddles everywhere & our driveway seems to be trying to run away to the road. Praise God we aren’t in a drought at least. Lol. 

I hope you are all having a blessed Sunday. We went to Church this morning & ate lunch before getting into our pjs. Other than clipping a few coupons, I’ve accomplished very little today. Before Church this evening, I’ll need to go check on my chickens & feed my calves & dogs. Procrastination is my middle name. Who wants to go out in a monsoon though? Lol 

 We have 2 boys, ages 13 & 6. Tomorrow is a day that I dread.  Our youngest son, Blake, begins kindergarten tomorrow, & our oldest, Cody, starts the 8th grade. It’s a good thing our oldest isn’t starting High School until next year. I’d probably stroke out. Lol. I’m hoping Blake loves it & isn’t kicked out for fighting! Haha! He’s a leader & very feisty. I’m praying blessings over my boys, teachers, staff, bus drivers, & children everywhere. May God protect them all from harm & help them follow Jesus with every step. 

God Bless, A.